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Seair Technologies, Inc. is proud to introduce its line of commercial hovercraft. These hovercraft are the first hovercraft designed in the United States to support commercial hovercraft applications.

The following page contains technical details describing our hovercraft. Some of these details are still in development, but we hope that this gives everyone a general feel for what we are building.

Seair Commercial Hovercraft

Technical Specifications
Technical specifications for Seair Hovercraft are constantly being updated. As each hovercraft is finished, complete specifications will be made available to our customers. The table below lists the general specifications being used by Seair Technologies, Inc. in the development and design of our hovercraft. Actual production specifications may vary. Publication of these specifications is designed for general information only, and not as specific to any particular craft.

General Specifications




Overall Height/
Hover Height




3/4 tons
17' 8.5'

4' / 1.5'

2 rotary

45-65 mph 2'

/2 tons



8' / 2' 1 Diesel,
425 hp

45-65 mph


/12.5 tons



11 / 3'

4 Diesel
1200 hp total

45-65 mph


/20 tons



17' / 3'

4 Diesel
1600 hp total

45-65 mph


/50 tons



17' / 4'

4 Diesel
1800 hp total

45-65 mph


/60 tons
96' 48' 17' / 6' 4 Diesel
2000 hp
45-65 mph 8'


The hull and structural components of the Seair Hovercraft are manufactured of composite materials. These composite materials are stronger and more durable than traditional metals.

Propulsion and Lift Systems

Seair Commercial Hovercraft use various engines for propulsion and lift. Seair uses a minimum of two engines on its Light Lift craft, one to four on the Medium Lift, and four engines on the Heavy Lift craft. Each of the engines provides power for mechanical, hydraulic, or electric propulsion systems. By having at least two engines rather than a single larger engine, Seair provides automated backup systems in case of failure. The Seair hovercraft are engineered to be able to still function even in the case of a 50% engine failure. Multiple engine failures (over 50%) would cause the Seair to cease operation however the craft would just settle down and float over water or come to a smooth stop over ice or land.

The steering systems are a true "Thrust Vectoring Propulsion" systems. Rather than using rudders and variable-pitch propellers, the Seair Commercial Hovercraft use rotating ducts and propellers to provide propulsion and direction control. This gives the pilot ultimate control over the hovercraft movement, even during slow speed maneuvering.

Skirting System

Seair uses our own design loop-and-segment finger system for its skirt system. The fabric used in our skirts is a nylon reinforced urethane material that has a wider range of temperature, abrasion resistance, and overall strength than older types of skirt fabrics. This material can support operating temperatures from -60F to 180F. This lets Seair Commercial Hovercraft operate in artic or desert conditions. The finger system on the skirt allows individual fingers to be replaced as they wear out, minimizing the cost and downtime for skirt maintenance.

Control Systems

Seair Commercial Hovercraft use the latest in computer controlled systems or what is more commonly known as "fly-by-wire". Coupled to our exclusive Thrust Vectoring Propulsion System, the result is a vehicle with capabilities and total control not achieved by any other hovercraft in the world. The pilot of a Commercial Seair Hovercraft has a state of the art computer controlled system including radar, GPS, VHF radio, and thermal imaging night vision to safely maintain control of these powerful craft day or night in all kinds of weather.

Cabin Interiors

Depending on how you want to use your hovercraft, the Commercial Hovercraft interiors can be designed for luxury, for functionality, for fun, or many other applications. Seair works with designers and companies that provide interior designs for luxury liners, commercial transportation, and search & rescue. Seair can provide bathroom or restroom facilities, kitchen facilities, meeting facilities, first aid facilities (for search and rescue), or high volume seating configurations. The interior panels come in a wide range of material and surface finishes depending on the use. In addition to high wearing commercial flooring, top of the line marine grade carpets are available.



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